A Solo Guide for OSRS’ Chambers of Xeric (Part 1)

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The Chambers of Xeric is a raid dungeon in OSRS with a unique mechanic for item rewards. Players are awarded items depending on their ‘participation’ points. If they die, they lose about 40% of their points. If they have low or insufficient points, the team’s points are deducted instead. The points determine what common rewards a player gets, as well as the quantity. Be warned that leaving early will reduce the multiplier, but the difficulty will remain the same. Players have to cooperate and stay together to get the best rewards. The better the rewards, the more OSRS gold they can get.

Players can access it through the mine cart system in the Lovakengj House (requires at least 65% favor). An alternative way is going to Shayziens’ Wall and making your way to Mount Quidamortem. You’ll have to watch out for aggressive creatures in that path, though. Talking to the Mountain Guide at the foot of the mountain will open a two-way transportation system between the mountain and wall. After clearing the dungeon once, players will receive an ancient tablet that will let the owner teleport directly to the mountain.

At any rate, starting the raid requires a leader to create a team. The team is the leader’s Clan Chat and a number of its members. Then the chat owner will enter the chambers’ starting room to wait for the rest of those who want to join. Once everyone’s ready, the leader will then confirm that the team is complete. That confirmation is a point of no return, and nobody can join in the middle of the raid. The action also signals the calculation of the mechanics in the dungeon (such as the strength of the bosses).

Strategies and Mechanics

Many guides recommend high combat skills (Melee, Ranged, and Magic at least 90+). They should also have at least 70+ Prayer, 78 Herblore, and 55 farming. As a bonus, 99 Mining, Woodcutting, and Herblore, as well as 30 Construction and high agility will make some rooms easier for you.

Void equipment is the best set you can wear for this particular raid. If it isn’t available to you, there are alternate equipment you can wear. As for weapons, the Zamorakian Hasta, Trident of the Swamp, and a Toxic Blowpipe are the best ones to bring along. Other good weapons are the Twisted Bow and the Abyssal Tentacle.

Next, bring along a Dragon Pickaxe, switches for amulets/jewelry, and potions. Those potions should be a Super Combat Potion, Ranging Potion, and 2–3 Stamina Potions. Don’t forget some high-leveled food or Saradomin Brews. If you’re using alternative equipment, your inventory should have the best ranged/magic body and legs. Also, a Rune pouch with water spells will also help you in the raid.


You can encounter some bosses from a pool of eight in this raid. Since this is a solo guide, you’ll always fight one boss, the Great Olm, at the end. The rest could either be puzzle/obstacle rooms or other bosses.

Here are the strategies for each boss.

Tekton has a ton of defense and a mean melee attack. Good thing you can avoid his attacks by running corners, as well as hit and run tactics. These should be done with precision timing, though, as ill-timed attacks will let him run to an anvil to repair himself. Use Dragon Warhammers or Elder Mauls for this boss as using any other weapon will make defeating him tedious.


She’s a pretty tricky boss to defeat, especially if her room greets you as the first chamber of the dungeon. A portal and four lux grubs accompany her, and you have to destroy the portal to defeat her. Things become complicated if she degrades the health of a grub. She gets a soldier while also healing herself and the portal. It’s important to prevent her from succeeding in this regard. There are blossoms you can collect to heal the grubs.

By using a crossbow or a Twisted Bow, you can avoid Vespula’s attacks by targeting the portal once and running out of her melee range. This tactic, along with a prayer enhance potion and the Redemption prayer makes defeating her an easier task to accomplish. However, a single mistake can really cost you, so choose if you’d rather restart the raid or complete her room.

• Vasa Nistirio

He has a special attack that scatters teams, teleporting half near him, and the rest in random spots. Then he releases projectiles that will deal damage depending on the players’ current health. For solo players, this is inevitable. His normal attack launches boulders that have a 3x3 AoE range at the players, as well as a stomp attack.

He heals himself by interacting with the crystals at the corners of the room. These are weak to stab attacks so you can use the Zamorakian Hasta to prevent him from recovering. Try to keep your health low (to keep his special attack from dealing too much damage), and avoid the boulders he throws.

• Vanguard

They’re tricky bosses in the raid as they will fully heal themselves if any one of them reaches a significant difference in health. Use a medium damage weapon and balance the damage out to the three of them. Try to keep their damage in equal amounts, and don’t let their shuffling distract you.

• Mutadiles

Keep them in range, and don’t let them eat from the meat tree. They have a melee attack to be reckoned with as well. Binding it in place will help, but some methods aren’t as effective on the bigger one. Don’t let the relatively simple tactics for this boss fool you into complacency though, as they can still defeat a careless player.

• The Great Olm

He’s the final boss of every instance of this raid, and he goes through three (at the very least) phases. Make sure you have all you need before entering his room. You can’t resupply once you’ve entered unless you die.

He begins the battle in the western or eastern side of the chamber and will start out with either fire, acid, or crystal powers. His left hand is weak to melee, and the right is weak to magic. The Great Olm’s head is only vulnerable during the third or last phase. To force him to move to the next phase, both of his hands should be disabled. Start with his right, because he will clench his left if its health is low enough. In its clenched state, it cannot be damaged, but it also won’t be able to attack.

For solo raiders, they can take advantage of his ‘blind spots’ and attack his hands while he turns his head. He has to ‘see’ a player to attack, so if done correctly, you can defeat him with minimal damage taken. Use the appropriate prayers to further minimize damage to yourself. Dodge the falling crystals as best as you can, and remember that you won’t get everything on the first try, so don’t get discouraged!

The rest of the possible rooms, the puzzle/obstacle ones, will be detailed in the next article. See you then!

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