How to Avoid Cheaters in Escape from Tarkov

Though not 100% foolproof, give yourself some measure of peace

Cheaters can be found in every game, whether single-player or multiplayer. The difference between those cheaters and the ones in EFT is how obvious they are. Since, at the moment, Escape from Tarkov doesn’t have a proper method of auto-detecting these scripts, they run rampant with almost no consequence. They may get banned again and again, but they always come back for that Tarkov bitcoin or some other loot.

For now, there’s nothing you can do but hope you don’t cross their path. Here are a few tips on how.

Server Location and Time

A majority of these cheaters may be found in the Asia and Europe servers. Not to say that other regions don’t have them, just way less than those two. Sources say that inland American servers (that is, away from the coast) have fewer incidents of cheaters as well.

As for time, cheaters treat the game like work, so they have to stop sometimes. Playing this game in off-peak hours can decrease the chances of encountering cheaters.

Slow Down Your Gameplay

Cheaters usually have a plan or route. They go straight to what they need to do (rush to farming spots or bosses). Give them the time to finish whatever their objective is, then you can go and do your thing.

Typically, it takes about 10 minutes to do so, but that doesn’t factor in the chance that the cheater is the type to linger. Most would be content to extract after they’re done, however, so you can be a little more confident that they’re gone.

Use Trash Loadouts

Cheaters go for expensive and valuable loot, so go in as ‘naked’ as you can. You can’t even hide your better loadout in your inventory since cheaters can see through those, even from afar. Use and wear lower-tier armor and weapons, as unmodded as you can, and cheaters will be more likely to leave you alone.

You might want to watch what you’re looting, though. You can’t really know if the cheaters are gone so you might loot something they want or grab something valuable that can make you a target.

Avoid Labs

The Labs map is a lost cause. You can expect 50% (maybe more) of raids on this map to be filled with cheaters. Running this map is just a bad time all around. Until the issue is solved, you’re better off running other maps.


Cheating ruins other Escape From Tarkov players’ experiences with the game. Everybody knows that, even the cheaters. The one EUL Gaming interviewed admitted it himself. Yet, even that knowledge doesn’t stop them from cheating. Unless BSG or BattleEstate Games gets to the bottom of why these cheaters continue to do so or at least create an anti cheat system to prevent some players from having an unfair advantage, they’ll just keep on doing what they’re currently doing no matter what.

As for the normal Tarkov players, there are cases of incredibly lucky shots, so not all suspicious deaths are caused by cheaters. That said, not all cheaters are out to hunt each and every player on the map. Some are content to go about their own ways. They do have a vested interest in not dying, so they will often be hostile to any player they encounter.

These are the ways to avoid cheaters in BattleEstate Games, Escape from Tarkov. Granted, you will still encounter them because there are just that many of them. However, you can avoid the majority with these tips, and you can safely go through your raids. Take that as a win against them.

Continue enjoying Escape from Tarkov, and fill that Lucky Scav Junkbox or SICC Case with all the loot you can!



I’m here to share gaming guides, tips, and tricks. For more updates hit the follow button! :)

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Daisy Marino

I’m here to share gaming guides, tips, and tricks. For more updates hit the follow button! :)