New Tibia Servers to Open!

Daisy Marino
2 min readJul 1, 2021

Only for Premium members for a time

Anyone who wants to start with a blank slate in Tibia can now expect to do so soon! CipSoft has announced that four new servers are opening on May 19. They are Famosa (EU), Tembra (SA), Marcia (EU), and Alumbra (SA). The first two are Optional PvP servers, while the next two are Open PvP servers. It’s time to stop buying Tibia Peloria gold and start saving up for the new servers.

Sure, starting over with a blank slate would mean leaving behind everything you’ve done on the server. However, if you don’t enjoy the game because of toxic players around you, changing servers is a good way to get away from them. A new server is even better since players will be focused on leveling up for now, and not trolling other players.

While waiting, there are still a few tasks to do. The Demon’s Lullaby event is still ongoing, and there’s about a week left to sort out affairs on the server. Goodbyes are hard, but it’s all for the best. A fresh start can show veterans something they missed the first time around. Beginners, on the flip side, can enjoy a brand new adventure.

For new players, they can expect a whole new world of fantasy, mythology, and magic. Choose from four classes and go on an epic adventure worthy of legends. There are quests, achievements, and locations to explore. It’s a big world out there, and it’s all for you to explore. That is if you’re up to paying for Premium. Otherwise, you’ll get a smaller but still wide area to explore.

Let’s all look forward to the opening of the new servers! The fun never stops until you quit playing Tibia and never come back.



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