Old School RuneScape: Top 5 Rarest OSRS Pets

For those of you who are looking to be the envy of your friends, here’s the hardest to find pets in the game.

Old School Runescape has a lot of similarities with other MMO titles, one of which is having the ability to own pets. They are ridiculously rare in some instances, and they appear as smaller versions of bosses or they’re part of a certain skillset. This will then follow you on your journey around OSRS, as you head out to level your skills, tackle quests, and earn as much OSRS gold as possible.

It’s worth mentioning that there isn’t any pet in the game that is really easy for you to get. That said, there are some that are much higher in rarity which we will be taking a look at today. Often being able to buy OSRS gold from somewhere that has OSRS gold for sale isn’t even going to help us here. The difficult aspect is the way in which you have to acquire them.

The God Wars Pets

Seasoned OSRS players will be more than aware that the God Wars were no easy task. Even today, they are still enough to give people a hard time. The bosses are incredibly tough, so much so that even a Twisted Bow wouldn’t save you. Not only that but getting the pets was no easier.

In fact, you would be looking at a 1/5000 chance of getting one. It doesn’t help that if you leave and want to return to the boss room then you’ll need to get the Ecumencial key from within the Wilderness God War’s Dungeon. Alternatively, you could go to each domain and kill 40 followers. Either way, it’s no easy task.


This pet drops from defeating TzKal-Zuk and finishing the Inferno. If you are not familiar with the Inferno, it contains some of the hardest content in the whole of Old School Runescape. It takes many hours for you to complete, as many players look to play through it to get the coveted Inferno Cape. It has a 1/100 chance of you getting it once you do finally beat Inferno. If you have an Inferno Cape already, then you can trade that in for another go at getting the elusive pet if you wish. But the Inferno is punishing, which more than justifies this pet’s place on the list.


Do you see many Bloodhounds running around in Old School Runescape? Probably not, and there’s a good reason for that.

These have a drop rate of 1/1000 that you get from a Master Clue casket. The Master Clues, like the Inferno, is also made up of exceptionally difficult content. With high skill levels required, plus specific quests needing to be completed, and having to find expensive particular items as well, this is certainly up there with the game’s rarest pets.

Corporeal Critter

You aren’t likely to have come across this pet, and the reason is that there is only a 1/5000 chance that it drops. To take down the Corporeal Beast as well is going to take everything that you’ve got, as it is what many refer to as the most difficult boss that OSRS has to offer.

If you are feeling brave enough, then you could always get a team of around five people to take him on. Try and avoid any more than five though so he doesn’t gain the ability to heal. Be prepared for a long fight as well, since you are going to be up against a boss that drops some of the most expensive items in the game, so of course, it isn’t going to be easy.

Pet Penance Queen

Should you strive to be the envy of all of your friends, then the Pet Penance Queen is the pet to hunt down. The likelihood of you having seen these pets on a regular basis are very slim indeed. The only way to get it is to risk it all with the Barbarian Assault. You need to bet 400 honor points, after which you have to defeat every wave of enemies that follows, as well as beating the Penance Queen as the final boss. Each assault takes around half an hour, and even if you do manage to beat it you are still against the 1/1000 chances of you actually getting this pet. It’s a good job that it isn’t OSRS GP that we are losing!

Have you managed to acquire any of these rare OSRS pets? Do you have bragging rights with your own Pet Penance Queen? Let us know in the comments section below!



I’m here to share gaming guides, tips, and tricks. For more updates hit the follow button! :)

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Daisy Marino

I’m here to share gaming guides, tips, and tricks. For more updates hit the follow button! :)