PUBG vs Fortnite mobile: Which is better?

Ever since the mobile gaming industry blew up, Battle Royale games have been the in thing for smartphone users. Of all the titles released on mobile, two games were able to shine the brightest. Both of these games enjoyed immense popularity and still continue to enjoy lofty heights of success — even after many games that tried to emulate them have fallen. These two games are Fortnite and PUBG.

Fortnite, notably, has become so popular we’ve even made a Fortnite Value Calculator for the sellers who want to know what their accounts are worth in the online market. Both games have quickly become the go-to games to play on mobile.

But how do they differ? And which one is better?

Here, we’ll try to find the answer as we undertake a point-by-point analysis.


It’s amazing how good both these games look. PUBG looks almost identical to its PC/Xbox One counterpart and Fortnite looks almost the same as its other versions as well. Objectively, there’s no way to tell which game looks better because it really all comes down to your style and personal preference.

PUBG is a military-style shooter with realistic graphics. The characters look like real human beings and the guns look like you can grab one off the phone because of how real they look. While Fortnite, on the other hand, takes a cartoonish, less serious approach. Everything is in Fortnite is so bright & colorful you’d think the game was taken right out of a Pixar film. While some weapons are based on real ones, there are others that seem to come straight out of cartoon shows like the grenade launcher that had an “Egg Launcher” re-skin at one point. Instead of normal vehicles to get around, players make do with golf carts, launch pads, and jetpacks in the limited time modes.


Neither of these games invented the Battle Royale formula, but the basic free-for-all gameplay is the same; drop onto an island with 99 other people, collect weapons and other gear, and fight until the last man (or woman) is left standing.

PUBG Mobile’s intense and its gunfights give players a genuine sense that death is imminent. With its realistic gameplay such as hiding in the environment for cover, you can really feel the pressure when engaging in gunfights. Getting caught unaware spells almost certain death, which makes players approach things more cautiously; hiding behind trees, bushes, and other such makeshift covers.

In comparison, Fortnite gives players a lot more room to manoeuver and play creatively, giving it a more dynamic type of gameplay. Much of that maneuverability comes from the fact that players in Fortnite can build structures using the resources they’ve collected. They can go hammering away at trees, rocks, or buildings using their pickaxe that they have at the start of the game. All is not lost if you’re caught in an open field as quickly building tower or fort for defense will provide you with enough time to assess your surroundings or heal up.


Tiny screens and touch controls make picking stuff up, opening doors, and so forth a little trickier than usual. Thankfully though, both of these games have an auto pick-up feature!

In PUBG, you can turn the auto pick-up feature on and off easily on the screen itself. When activated, you’ll be able to pick up anything that you need and automatically equip it if it’s an attachment. Essentially, the game automatically picks up the best stuff and ignores the rest unless you tap the icon to pick the item up manually. For example, if you pick up a scope for your rifle, it will automatically be attached to your weapon. This is incredibly useful since it takes much of the game’s nitty-gritty trivialities out of the picture.

In Fortnite, the auto pick-up feature is also available but it’s less full-featured. This, in part, is due to the game itself being much simpler and more streamlined. There are no scopes or silencers in Fortnite — only guns. So there are fewer items overall and less inventory management to contend with. However, the game does not have PUBG’s auto-sorting feature, so if you have a common weapon equipped and come across a rare version of it, you will need to swap it out manually.

So who’s the Winner?

In the end, both of these mobile iterations of the two most popular Battle Royale games in the world right now are great. Heck, Fortnite items and even a Fortnite Account can be found for sale on various websites these days. There’s no exact winner at this point since it just really depends on what you’re in the mood for. If you like fast, fun, and goofy matches that offer more creative freedom, you can get your fix via Fortnite. But if you prefer slower, more intense, and serious matches where death is imminent, you’d be better off going with PUBG.

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This article has been first published at Gamingtipsandguides on February 18, 2019



I’m here to share gaming guides, tips, and tricks. For more updates hit the follow button! :)

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Daisy Marino

I’m here to share gaming guides, tips, and tricks. For more updates hit the follow button! :)