Runescape Best Quests

These quests are the ones that stay with you

Quests give a sense of direction and purpose to an otherwise boring sandbox game. Though they eventually end, the best ones leave a lingering impression on players. It isn’t even about the Runescape gold or Runescape items that give this impression. Some quests are just like that, whether in story or gameplay.

So here are the best quests in Runescape.

Blood Runs Deep

A mysterious man has washed ashore in the Lunar Isle, and Baba Yaga needs your help in figuring out what’s up. What seems to be an easy task spiraled into an invasion that must be stopped. Fight off the invaders, and protect the Fremennik from certain doom.

This is the final quest in the Fremennik questline, and rightly so. It’s a long one, so be prepared for dagannoths, dream walking, and well, death. The quest is a healthy mix of puzzles and combat, with a gripping story that ends your adventures with the Fremennik.

It’s an experience you shouldn’t miss, but please prepare well for the challenges it poses!

While Guthix Sleeps

It’s the sequel to the Temple of Ikov quest, and at the time it was released, the hardest quest in the game. You’ll finally realize why Lucien wanted the Staff of Armadyl, and you must now do your utmost to keep him from achieving his goals.

The first Grandmaster rank quest of the game is also hailed as one of the best quests in the game. Suffice it to say, it was a quest long anticipated by players and the devs alike. While newer quests are more difficult combat-wise, this quest still rates high due to its story content.

An old enemy is gearing up for a war, and it’s up to you to stop him.

Nomad’s Requiem

Nomad is up to no good, and you’ll have to stop him. What follows is a long quest where you’ll trail Nomad, collecting evidence of his plans and eventually fighting him. After all, he’s messing with the purpose of the Soul Wars.

It’s a little lacking in combat in the early stages, but Nomad is one of the hardest bosses in the game. That gives it the challenge to complete, and the sparse combat encounters are no slouch either. While the story is a little subpar compared to the combat, enthusiasts will still enjoy it for the latter.

When looking for a good battle, this is the quest to do.

Underground Pass

You’re tasked with clearing out an underground pass that goes through the mountains to the west of Ardougne. By doing so, it grants access for King Lathas to pursue his corrupted brother. However, the pass is filled with crazy cultists and creatures besides, so your work is cut out for you.

The whole Elven questline is epic, and Underground Pass (at least the first time you encounter it) is one of the best in the series. While everything happens in the eponymous pass, the puzzles and story are good enough to tide players over.

It’s certainly a quest worth doing, aside from its necessity to the whole questline.


Being people with different likes and dislikes, these quests may not be your cup of tea. That only means it’s okay to disagree with some of the items on the list and have other preferred quests. Some of them may lead to veritable RS3 gold mines but expect that no RS3 discontinued items will be rewarded. Those are, after all, discontinued.

At any rate, these are the quests where you won’t mind if the rewards are lackluster since experiencing them is something to remember. You might end up wanting to replay them, that’s how good they are. Keep on enjoying Runescape, and have fun on the adventures questing takes you on!



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Daisy Marino

I’m here to share gaming guides, tips, and tricks. For more updates hit the follow button! :)