Top 5 Rarest Pickaxes in Fortnite

1. Raiders Revenge

The Raiders Revenge is not only one of the rarest pickaxes, but it’s also one of the rarest skins in Fortnite, period. This skin was released during the first season of Fortnite — even before the Battle Royale genre took over mainstream gaming. Raiders Revenge was available in the Fortnite item shop for those who have reached level 35 during the season. The craftsmanship of this pickaxe skins looks pretty frugal and barbaric, to say the least. With what looks like an ax that has the head of a pickaxe screwed on top covered with barbed wire, you could say that it has a “rustic” feel to it compared to other skins. The Raiders Revenge is part of the Storm Scavenger set which has also been vaulted.

2. Pot o’ Gold

The Pot o’ Gold was released back on March 16, 2018, as a way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. This is one of the rarest Epic-tier pickaxe skins out there. It transforms your run-of-the-mill pickaxe into a three-leaf clover staff that has a floating pot of gold at the end of the rainbow to the side. The Pot o’ Gold skin was part of the Green Clover set and was available for purchase in the store for 1,200 V-Bucks for a limited time.




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