Not in Wraeclast: Top 7 Don’ts In Path of Exile

Having trouble with Path of Exile — be it the builds, the PoE items, PoE currency, or the gameplay itself? That’s alright; everybody struggles through such in-game hiccups at some point.

To help you out, here are 7 don’ts you should always keep in mind when playing Path of Exile. Hopefully, they’ll guide you in what you should do and vastly improve your gaming experience in the end.

Don’t Be a Lone Wolf

We’re not saying this because we doubt your ability to go solo. It’s just that it’s a basic fact that playing with others in online games makes life so much easier. Especially in a game such as Path of Exile, whose dungeons are just as — or perhaps even more — fun when explored with friends.

I mean, really. If you really wanted to go solo, why play an online game in the first place?

Don’t Let Class Limit You

If you’re an experienced online dungeon crawler RPG player, your first instinct would be to commit to a tried-and-tested build that conforms to how the class is supposed to work. But in Path of Exile, this is actually a mistake. Don’t stick to what’s safe; instead, make it a point to mix it up a little.

Unlike other titles in the genre, what sets classes apart are the varying starting areas in the passive skill tree. The starting area is where the skills for a classical build for that class are. Eventually, however, you can and will branch out, allowing you to diversify your build. For example, you can have an Elementalist with passives related to Dexterity-build characters. Use this branching out to your advantage.

Or better yet, create a radical build that completely ignores tradition but completely works. A Gladiator that deals elemental damage? Why not! A bow-wielding Berserker? If you can, then sure! Get creative because chances are, you have to.

Don’t Be Shy To Check Out Other Builds

When making a build, the natural thing to do is trial and error. Committing more to the latter is okay as it’s really hard to come up with a solid build. If you’re running out of ideas, you can always check out forums and other places online. There’s no shame in drawing inspiration from other builds, for many good builds are actually inspired by other equally good builds anyway.

Don’t Do Glass Cannon Builds

Here’s the thing about doing glass cannon builds: You can, but you shouldn’t. It’s going to be frustratingly difficult, given how mobs and bosses deal a lot of damage.Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you. Knock yourself out if you want to, but you just might literally do so if you push through with this.

Don’t Always Upgrade Skill Gems

It’s important to upgrade skill gems, as they make the skill they hold more effective. Sometimes, however, upgrading a skill gem is either disadvantageous or altogether not worth it. If the next skill gem level doesn’t make much of a difference from the current one, would eat up too much mana, or have stat requirements that are above your current stats, keep it as it is.

Don’t Sell All Normal Items

Another common practice dungeon crawler veterans often do is to sell off the Normal items for a bit of gold. After all, they’re worth nothing other than what you get from an NPC. In Path of Exile, it’s also mostly the right thing to do, but not always.

Using a Blacksmith’s Whetstone and Orb of Alchemy on a high-base quality Normal item, a Normal item with 5 links, or a three-color Normal item will respectively increase its quality and make it a Rare item. It’s now up to you if you want to use it or put it up for PoE trading.

Don’t Ignore Elemental Resistances

If you managed to not need elemental resistances in other dungeon crawlers, you won’t be able to do the same thing here in Path of Exile. In Wraeclast and Oriath, elemental attacks will hurt you — real bad. Thus, it’s important to have a good amount of elemental resistances with you all the time. Because in Path of Exile, there’s no telling what element is going to hit you next.

There are a lot of other things you must know about Path of Exile, but let’s leave that for next time. For now, just focus on these things and you’ll be sure to do much better than you used to.



I’m here to share gaming guides, tips, and tricks. For more updates hit the follow button! :)

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Daisy Marino

I’m here to share gaming guides, tips, and tricks. For more updates hit the follow button! :)